Breastfeeding Vs Formulas

There are three groups of mothers when it comes to feeding their newborns. Some mother chooses the conventional way and breastfeeds their infants, some choose formula as it is easy to handle and some use both according to the situation. There’s always a debate between a breastfeeding mother and the one who is choosing formula over natural feeding. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both the styles we are talking about.

According to the doctor’s natural mother’s milk is best for the newborn and it is scientifically proven that breastfeeding is amazing for the baby as it provides all the nutrients and vitamins he requires, in a balanced proportion and it is easy to digest for the baby. On the other hand, formulas are formulated to be as close as possible to the mother’s milk but it still lacks some important goodness that a baby should receive and it takes longer for a baby to digest. This takes us to our next point because formula takes a longer time to digest infant will feel full for longer and you will have less feeding sessions and natural milk digest quicker and feeding sessions are more frequent. Babies who are fed formula have weak immunity and that is why they visit the hospitals more than the babies who are on the breastfeed because from breastfeeding babies receive all the immunity factors from the mother and have stronger immunity while formulas do not provide any kind of anti-bacterial or another immunity factor.

Bottle feed is easy for those women who feel uncomfortable feeding in public areas. A breastfeeding mother doesn’t have to worry about forgetting the formula at home. They carry the formula with them anywhere they want. Those women who breastfeed their baby loses pregnancy wait much faster than those who bottle-feed their babies because the baby takes the fat and nutrients from the mother’s body. Not only this but it prevents osteoporosis, breast cancer, and, ovarian cancer in the mother and prevents lung infection, allergies and other diseases in the baby.

Mother who opt for the formula they have to go through the pain of researching about the formula as there are many formulas like goat milk formula, nan comfort, cow’s milk formula, and, soy formula etc They have to go through the natural baby formula reviews as much as they can because not every baby can digest every formula some might cause an allergic reaction.    

Babies on breastfeeding are introduced to different taste almost every single time because a mother consumes a variety of foods and this helps a lot to introduce a baby to solid food and they accept it easily because already due to different tastes o the milk baby’s tongue has developed the taste buds. On the other hand, it’s a bit challenging to get your baby to have solids if they were on the formula. So, there are good and bad sides to both. Maybe that is why we have the third group that remains in between.